Guru Please

Coaching Versus Motivation with Colin Thompson

Episode Summary

A candid conversation about why motivation doesn't work as well as coaching, how to build unshakeable confidence, and what to do to make the most of COVID. Note: Audio has sections with background noise.

Episode Notes

Colin is a Personal Development and Career Coach at Oligye Life Coaching. Formerly an IT professional, he now specializes in career transition, relocation and expat, and coping with COVID-19.

*Note from Jessica: Colin has a young child at home who was a bit upset during the recording of this show, please bear with the audio! I edited as much as I could but you’ll still hear some interruptions in this episode. 

Quotes to remember: 

“Everything people are going through during this time, those issues started before COVID.”

“Go from having a dream to having a goal.”


What you’ll learn:

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